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The battle for young souls

The Generous hand Foundation, which we all work completely voluntarily, calls on you to take part in the establishment of a dedicated clinic for the treatment of children and youth who need urgent treatment for trauma due to the events of October 7 and the current war. For many, the intensity of the distress is significant and even impairs functioning.

To do this we searched for and found the most competent professional body. We chose the Geha Mental Hospital team. About 30 professionals consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, nursing staff and therapists of expression and creativity.

We want to help this team, led by Prof. Gil Salzman, to build a special

clinic, outside the hospital, for treatment of children and youth, from

infancy to the youth age, who need help right now.

The clinic is supposed to treat many hundreds of children, either individually or in groups, with the most effective methods known in the scientific world, in order to prevent long-term and chronic post-traumatic syndrome that can be prevented by quick and professional intervention. A simple from from a family doctor, from all over the country, is enough to provide help for free.

The Generous Hand Foundation is a fund that has approval for proper management for 2024 and approval for Section 46 by Income Tax authorities. Each of your donations is intended solely for the establishment and operation of the clinic, and is recognized as a tax-exempt business expense.


Now you can be our partners in this important and great challenge. Everyone can help children who need mental help.

Thank you.

Thank You

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